When Should Managed Hosting Be Considered?

There are two types of webhosting: managed and unmanaged. Most web hosts provide both. Most people know what the differences are, but they do not always know how to give the web host control when using managed web hosting. Unmanaged Hosting is a service where the web host simply offers server space to clients and leaves them to manage the server. In managed web hosting, a webhost will not only provide server space, but will also take care of any maintenance and upgrades the server may need. Clients often give the webhost any new layout or content designs and the host is the one who places them on the site IT Service.

When should individuals or business owners consider Managed Web Hosting?

Two main reasons exist for people to choose to outsource all maintenance and upgrades to a web host. First, because they are limited in their IT knowledge and therefore unable to run and manage the server. The knowledge that the website is ready and will remain available for customers is a relief for many business owners. Even big businesses and corporations who have their own IT staff choose managed hosting. It is often because the cost of hiring technical staff is prohibitive, and owners prefer to spend their time on other IT-related needs.

It’s also because people don’t want to spend the time managing their own site. A website’s server is required to perform many tasks including uploading and downloading files, installing scripts and setting up the website. It’s also a task that an owner of a small business simply does not have time for. Businesses owners usually want to focus their attention on their daily operations and making sure they provide a high-quality service to their customers. Web server maintenance is not usually a priority. So, the website host will take care of it.

Managed web hosts charge more for their services, because they have to spend more time and money on your website. Each web host offers different services and rates for what they consider managed hosting. Some webhosts will offer two or three different packages, while others may only offer a-la-carte services that let you choose which services to pay for. If you’re considering managed hosting, you should first decide what services the web host will provide and how much they’ll charge. Choose from options such as server monitoring, on call maintenance, hardware upgrades and software installation. If you’re not certain which package you need, search for web hosts who offer full service packages.