Popular Mens Perfumes

He must smell good. We have probably all read it in a magazine or heard this statement from women when asked about the thing they find attractive in a guy. The importance of hygiene and grooming cannot be understated.

Online shopping for perfume is a great way to find the best mens fragrances. Picking the best is not easy!

Please read on for a few useful tips.

Fragrance Guide

What you can expect will depend on the amount of pure fragrance essence contained in the container. Besides, you can determine your budget by determining the perfume’s concentration.

* Parfum. A parfum contains up to 30 percent pure perfume essence. It is common for one spray of perfume to last all day.

EDP or Eau de Parfum – This is a milder fragrance. EDP is made up of 15-20% pure essential oils and alcohol. The perfume will need to be reapplied throughout the entire day.

EDT is an even milder perfume, composed of between 5-15% pure essential oil of the fragrance dissolved with alcohol.

Cologne or Eau de Cologne: This word is usually associated with scents that are masculine. Two to four percent of the perfume oil is dissolved with water and ethanol. It only lasts a couple hours.


All international fragrances for men are made of various “notes”, which combine to form the scent. These can be divided up into

* Top notes – these are scents you first notice when using the product. These notes will determine whether the fragrance has an overall floral, fruity earthy scent or masculine. These typically disappear just as fast.

* Heart Notes. The heart notes appear some time later after the top note fades. These scents have a softer, more subtle quality.

*Base Notes: These are sounded immediately after the top notes have evaporated. Base notes can be deep, dense and rich. As they age, the base notes become richer and more rewarding.


First, it is important to test any perfume. Each person has their own unique combination of pheromones.

Discover a few mens fragrances that are popular.

* Al Ameer

A unique fragrance for men, it is filled with the citrusy scents of Geranium and black cardamom. Sandalwood base notes and middle notes are enhanced by Turkish rose oil, Frankincense Oil & Hinoki Wood.

* Noir

“Noo-ahr” is how you pronounce this scent. This fragrance, a blend of Tahitian woods paired with spicy notes is perfect for an evening out or for a meeting.


The fragrance is a slow transition from saffron Kashmir and Bulgarian rose to Madagascar Vanilla & Vetiver Java. As its name indicates, it’s for the affluent men!

Mystic Oceân

Exactly as its name suggests, it captures all the magic of the sea. After a citrusy start, it settles slowly into the fragrances of White Musk and Glacier water accord. It’s perfect for the mysterious! This perfume is a favorite among men.

* Rouge

The proudly male species will love this! This scent, pronounced “Roo-jsh”, starts out fresh and fruity with Green Mandarins and South Africanlychees before landing on subtle notes such as rare musks or precious woods.