3 Reasons Not To Neglect Your Roof

Even the smartest homeowners are prone to ignore or overlook the roof. The roof is often overlooked in favor of projects that are perceived as more interesting and cost-effective, like remodeling kitchens, painting rooms, and maintaining the landscaping. Most homeowners do not even know there is a roof problem. Even when they are aware of the issue, many dismiss it as a minor one that can wait. There are dangers in this approach, both structurally and financially. Get the facts!

Roof problems can escalate from small to costly

It’s possible that you will be unhappy with your roof if you ever say “it is just a tiny leak.” Some roof problems seem minor, like a few shingles that are damaged or an insignificant leak. You may ignore small problems that can quickly turn into larger, expensive issues. A complete roof replacement might be necessary. Keep up with routine maintenance to prevent this situation. Or at the least, make sure to address any minor issues before they escalate.

A damaged roof can significantly reduce the value of your house

Are you looking to put your home up for sale? Although a roof that is in bad shape may seem like a minor issue, it’s likely to be viewed as incredibly important by potential buyers. It’s easy to scare away buyers with a damaged roof and all the mess that can result from it, such as mold or structural damage. You could put a sign on your front lawn that says, “Don’t Stop Here — Keep Driving!” You’ll have to replace the roof if you are able to find an interested buyer.

Leaks that persist can lead to structural damage

It’s no fun to hear a family member or coworker talk about how they removed mold in their house. You put your house at risk if you ignore leaks. Mold is not the only structural problem that can be caused by leaks. They may also damage your fascia, rafters or wall frames. Water can cause wood to decay over time. This poses a significant safety threat to the occupants of the home.