Best Plastic Surgeons

You! Knowledge is only useful when it’s put to use. You will have a better chance of having an operation that is successful if you are more informed about the surgeon, surgery and your doctor. Find out as much about a company that claims to be the “database” of the top plastic surgeons. Is the company specialized in finding only the top doctors? There are many websites that have doctor databases. Do doctors pay for their listing in the database? They do they research each doctor? Where are the top plastic surgeons? You can find the most qualified ones in even the smallest cities. Plastic surgeons are most commonly found in Florida, New York City, California, Texas and Illinois. What should I be looking for when choosing a cosmetic plastic surgeon? Tips on how to choose a good plastic surgeon.

Always ensure that the plastic surgeon has a medical degree and is board certified.

Find out whether the doctor has received fellowship training in plastic surgery, or in an area relevant to his/her current specialization.

Spas and salons are growing like wildfire…be careful and do thorough research on your surgeon.

Google the name of your plastic surgeon. Find surgeons who have published, invented a new surgical technique, or taught medical students. This information can be found online.

How many years has the plastic surgeon been practicing?

What is the best way to choose a plastic surgeon? Many magazines and services list top doctors based on surveys. These surveys usually base their results on the votes of doctors. It’s an excellent starting point but it is only one of the factors to consider when looking for plastic surgeons. Here’s why:

These types of studies are rarely conducted by surgeons, who are too busy to participate. The results therefore are very limited.

To attract more clients, surgeons may nominate and request their friends to do the same.

What are the four critical components in selecting the best plastic surgeons to work with?

Education – The doctor has a medical degree.

How many cosmetic procedures have they done?

Recognition – Do they have a good reputation amongst their colleagues, their patients and their medical societies? Are they active in their community or are their involvement well-known to them?

Training – Is the focus of their fellowship and/or residency on plastic surgery or not? The bottom line is that you’ll be able to see your surgeon’s work throughout your entire life if you have plastic surgery. A little research could prove to be an investment that pays off.

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